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I watched the very awesome 11ty International Symposium On Making Web Sites Real Good, and although I have yet to finish it, I already got a lot of good things out of it. One of them is Micropub and POSSE (thanks Henry!). It's all part of the IndieWeb movement that I am following for as long as my blog has been on Eleventy.

POSSE means "Publish  (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere." And this is a way of owning your content instead of entrusting it to different content syndication and social media platforms. I have always understood the concept of how it works (publish on your website, code something up that automatically posts/links it on every social media platform), but it wasn't until Henry's talk in the Symposium that it really clicked in my head on how to go around doing it.

So this note is a test. I coded something up as a Cloudflare Worker that would take requests from Quill and publish it on my site by committing a markdown file in my website's Github repo and thereby triggering my Vercel to deploy my site. It's a bit of a mishmash right now, and that's the consequence of me using free services, but it's just my site and I am okay with complications.

After this, hopefully, I would be able to code something up that would continue the work from here. That is, once notes are published, they are automatically "syndicated" or posted/linked to on my other social media accounts, Mastodon first of course. Cheers!

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