Francis Rubio

Information for Event Organizers

Please read before sending me an invitation to your event.

In your invitation email…

I am so stoked to find you interested in inviting me as a speaker, thank you! I would appreciate it if the email you're sending includes the following:

I need to have ample time to prepare. Please send your invitation at least three (3) months in advance.


I currently work full-time from 8 AM to 5 PM during weekdays. Preferrably, my talk would happen on a weekend. However, I am able to make adjustments to my work schedule to give way to the event as long as I am advised months in advance.

I also do workshops for web development, especially in HTML and CSS. However, since workshops are relatively more work than talks, I would need to have more time to prepare for it.

I also accept invitations to programs, online shows, and podcasts to talk about web development. If you are interested in inviting me, or doing a collaboration, send me an email.

During the talk

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