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I watched the very awesome 11ty International Symposium On Making Web Sites Real Good, and although I have yet to finish it, I already got a lot of good things out of it. One of them is Micropub and POSSE (thanks Henry!). It's all part of the IndieWeb movement that I am following for as long as my blog has been on Eleventy.

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Living Alone

It’s Sunday evening, and I have survived my first week of living alone! I’m still afraid of ghosts when I go to sleep at night, but nonetheless my body has adjusted really well to the new environment.


I just found out my aunt, whom I call Tita Lading, has died. We have not seen each other in more than 12 years. She was with me growing up, and even took care of me as a child. When my mother died, she went back home to Davao.

My new website design

I went to a photo studio recently so I could update my Eleventy website banner. Here’s what I’ve been working on for several hours now.

My Ears

Today, I went to an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist to have my ears checked, and lo and behold, there was years’ worth of earwax lodged into both of my ears. They were literally covering my entire eardrums like how the large stone blocked the cave where Jesus was buried. 😭 The doctor cleaned it out and I can now hear the angels sing. Hell, I can almost hear the trumpet of Armageddon! 😂

Notes on Filipino orthography

One fact that most Filipinos overlook is the fact that in the Filipino alphabet, ng is a single letter, not two. It’s how we represent the /ŋ/ (voiced velar nasal) sound.

Raiden Shogun, top 5 least interesting character in the game?

A Genshin Impact hot take I’ve seen today is that Raiden is supposedly easily top 5 least interesting characters in the game. And I completely disagree with that. In my opinion, she is one of the more developed characters we’ve met, and the only flaws in her character is that (1) she has not taken any real accountability for the Vision Hunt Decree and its consequences, and (2) her lore is basically done; aside from her ties with Celestia and where she’ll lead Inazuma next, her story is over.

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