Francis Rubio

Revisiting old theories

I like going back to old Genshin Impact theories once they get debunked. Before we got to Sumeru, we based on Dainsleif’s statements in the Travail trailer where he said “the god of wisdom’s enemy is wisdom itself… there is a push for folly, yet the God of Wisdom makes no argument against it.”

Most popular theory back then was that the Dendro Archon is purposefully spreading misinformation to protect her people against Celestia and forbidden knowledge similar to the one Orobaxi found out that led to his death by the hands of the Raiden Shogun. It was definitely interesting that the God of Wisdom would spread false news to protect her people; it was a very spicy antithesis of the God of Wisdom’s ideals, just like what we had seen with the contradictions in ideals in the previous archons.

In the end, the story still revolved around misinformation, but by the Akademiya instead of the god herself. And she makes no argument against it because she literally can’t; she was imprisoned.

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