Francis Rubio

Raiden Shogun, top 5 least interesting character in the game?

A Genshin Impact hot take I’ve seen today is that Raiden is supposedly easily top 5 least interesting characters in the game. And I completely disagree with that. In my opinion, she is one of the more developed characters we’ve met, and the only flaws in her character is that (1) she has not taken any real accountability for the Vision Hunt Decree and its consequences, and (2) her lore is basically done; aside from her ties with Celestia and where she’ll lead Inazuma next, her story is over.

This is in contrast with the lore of other Archons we met so far. Zhongli has an entire game’s worth of lore that could be explored. Venti still has not gotten a second act for his story quest, and we know he has ties with Istaroth the God of Time. Nahida will still be very relevant later on with her ties to the Irminsul tree and the entire samsara shenanigans.

Raiden’s story, however, begins and ends with Inazuma. The only potential from her on is what other form her Eternity will now take place and how she would rebuild Inazuma from the husk of what it used to be before the Cataclysm.

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