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My new website design

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I went to a photo studio recently so I could update my Eleventy website banner. Here’s what I’ve been working on for several hours now.

That image swapping as the window resizes happens via the <picture> element so the browser only loads the specific image when the user actually needs it, instead of loading both and hiding the other on certain breakpoints. No JS needed for this too!

My website as viewed on a medium-width viewport on portrait orientation.
I eventually added a different photo for tablet-ish sizes just to add some variety because I just saw this shot out of the 319 photos I ended up taking from the shoot yesterday. I think it looks quite lovely.

I got comments from my Mastodonian friends and apparently they like it:

@teacherbuknoy Everything about this is so good. Not just the various, awesome, responsive designs, and the fact that it's no-JS, but also the photo choices, all the way to the desktop background and the song. Truly 💯✨. Love it all!

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