Francis Rubio

My Ears

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Today, I went to an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist to have my ears checked, and lo and behold, there was years’ worth of earwax lodged into both of my ears. They were literally covering my entire eardrums like how the large stone blocked the cave where Jesus was buried. 😭 The doctor cleaned it out and I can now hear the angels sing. Hell, I can almost hear the trumpet of Armageddon! 😂

When I got home from the clinic—wow. I got to hear what my brown-switch mechanical keyboard actually sounds like. It’s so… thocky and harp and rich. 😳 My mouse too! It sound so crisp!

When I bought these, I didn’t really get why people are so crazy about them. Now, I get it. This is actually what all of you hear. 😭

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