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Maria Clara at Ibarra

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I’m now really invested in this show Maria Clara at Ibarra. It is indeed that good. At first I was skeptical about Barbie Forteza because she has had a reputation for leaning towards comedy in her acting. When the promos featured her as the protagonist with Dennis Trillo, I thought they’d be paired together, but I’m happy that didn’t happen. And Barbie’s character here really suited her. This is a good adaptation of the novels for me.

And this actor for Quiroga is doing a really good job in portraying a Chinese man during the time of Spanish occupation. I’m really delighted to see him even if he’s a minor character.

Now, I don’t know why but I was so moved when Simoun met Basilio again in Bapor Tabo 😭

Khalil Ramos is really slaying this role so much. His portrayal of how much Basilio fears his abuser Padre Salvi is soooooo good I was so terrified for him. And he speaks Tagalog of that era so well, it’s not jarring as other actors do, it feels natural to him. This actor needs more gigs. And he’s so fine are you kidding me???

Oh and I want to say that Dennis Trillo deserves all the awards for this portrayal. With how long he’s been in the industry, people at times forget to talk about how good he is, thinking it’s already a given. But he’s giving a really good performance in this series.

Julie Anne San Jose. That’s it. That’s the toot.

I do not care at all about these actors for Isagani and Paulita Gomez. They’re not working for me.

Every episode, I fall more in love with Khalil Ramos. He is soooo good ✨💖

I am really confused with Elias at this point. I feel like his character is not being developed at all since he was revealed to be alive. It’s like he was only kept as a reminder that the book has already been rewritten.

Nah, David Licauco is overrated. His best friend is dying in front of him, and he’s stiff as a tree. The dude can’t act to save his life. 🤦

Okay. Simoun is dead. But I have a ton of questions. First, where is his chest of riches? It was supposed to be thrown over a cliff or something. Second, what happens to Basilio and the tulisanes? They’re still supposed to be at large for rebellion against the captain general.

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