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Living Alone

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It’s Sunday evening, and I have survived my first week of living alone! I’m still afraid of ghosts when I go to sleep at night, but nonetheless my body has adjusted really well to the new environment.

Budgeting is also one of the main pain points that I anticipated. It is indeed a very painful point 🤣 I’m sticking to instant noodles and pancit canton for the next week until the next paycheck, and then I’m eating healthy from then on.

I hope I don’t die from a whole week’s worth of preservatives lol.

One thing I must say, I miss rice. Rice in the new place I live in costs 15 pesos per cup (in my family’s area, it only costs 7 pesos). But the rice is better, it’s always newly cooked and not stale. But because of the cost, I stayed away from rice at the moment and stuck to white bread, which is 45 pesos and lasts me 3 days.

I’m also living my rich people fantasy of eating cornflakes for breakfast. Growing up poor, I always see rich people in TV shows eating cereals and orange juice for breakfast.

It isn’t as fantastic as I once thought; I’m tired of Kellogg’s lol. But my inner child is happy, so I guess there’s an ROI at least.

I must say, I got a pretty good deal with the apartment I got too. For 7,500 pesos per month, it’s a condo-style studio apartment that already comes with a split-type inverter air conditioner, a wooden closet, and free 1 cubic meter of water per month.

For the internet connection, I got the GFiber Prepaid plan. It’s prepaid so it’s renter-friendly. I just registered with my full name, address, and mobile number. No contracts or anything. The website said they’d be asking for my ID, but they didn’t.

The connection fee was 999 pesos with free 7 days of unlimited internet. Reloading for 30 days unlimited internet is also just 999 pesos, optimally for 6 devices.

It’s pretty fast too, but I was using GOMO unli for 30 days which is capped at 5mbps, so I really felt the difference in speed.

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